Carnival in with the mask

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Are you a sporty person who likes to run in company in an atmosphere of a Venice, during the period of the famous Carnival, maybe even with a mask?

The Venice Carnival is one of the oldest and most famous in the world, with shows, funny costumed dances, all the historical and fun masks that wander through streets and canals in an atmosphere that is already unique and magical in itself !!!



Even in some shops, typical bacari or Venetian restaurants, you can enjoy the party, in its particularity!

Given the historicity of this festival, we now offer some interesting curiosities related to the Venetian Carnival:

  1. since ancient times, in this feast every form of deception and fiction was allowed and whoever, under the mask could be admitted to the presence of the Doge, without any discrimination related to the fact of being sailors, indigent, men, women, Christians, Jews , rich, poor or wealthy !!!
  2. In modern times one would say "The Show must go on": even at that time the Carnival party could not be interrupted for any reason ... this is evidenced, for example, by the fact that in the distant 1,789, the death of the Doge in Paolo Renier charge, was announced only at the end of the Carnival, two days after the incident.
  3. The Venice and Italian governments have had to intervene on various occasions regarding the freedom to wear the mask and therefore become unrecognizable, outside the carnival period, because in certain historical contexts it was essential to identify people. This policy has, unfortunately, an affinity with the more current reality where for a couple of years in the anti-terrorism plan is expected, in addition to other security measures, also the obligation to remove the mask from the face, to be recognized by the forces order; after the necessary checks, then the mask can be put back to the face and .... the party goes on !!
  4. It happened in the mid-sixteenth century, during the Carnival period, that a young acrobat walked on a rope above the crowd in Piazza San Marco, descending from the bell tower to a moored gondola. During this descent the boy also reached the balcony of the Ducal Palace to offer a gift to the Doge. Thanks to the success of the exhibition, it has been named "the Svolo del Turco", becoming a regular event, to be celebrated on Shrove Tuesday. In addition to the rings that ensured the acrobat on the ropes, for safety reasons, afterwards, the wings were worn, renaming the event as "Il Volo dell'angelo". In 1759, however, the misfortune occurred: the show ended in tragedy, because the boy-actor fell sadly in the crowd. For this reason the flight of a human being has been replaced with the flight of a wooden dove that has freed flowers and confetti on the people, giving rise to the famous Flight of the Colombina. The tradition continued until 2001, when the Angel's Flight was restored, executed (in conditions of maximum security) by a person in flesh and blood.
  5. The Venice Carnival suffered an important interruption, starting from the year of the fall of the Venetian Republic of Venice, which took place in 1797, up to the year 1979, when it officially began to celebrate it again, on the initiative of private citizens and some associations !! ! In reality, however, the tradition has been maintained and preserved in the islands of Burano and Murano.
  6. After these few but important historical curiosities ... we arrive to the present day, that is the year 2019, where the Carnival is a party for the Venetians and for the tourists who arrive en masse to enjoy the shows organized in the city and to breathe the atmosphere of carnival !!!



Since a couple of years now, the local runners community has also found a way to celebrate this period, in a sporting way with collective runs organized in masks through the historic center of Venice. As the city is full of people coming from all over the world, obviously these outings are usually organized the night before the beginning of the Carnival or in the morning at 5.30 am, among the deserted streets.For information about the races organized in the streets, in this particular period of the Venetian tourist season, you can request updated information from local runners !!!