SPORT SHOP s.n.c. can also accept orders from outside the territory of the Italian state.

For every order placed on thevenicesportshop.com, SPORT SHOP s.n.c. issue a receipt or invoice of the material sent. The information provided by the Customer at the time of the order shall be used for the issuance of the tax document. No alterations will be possible after the document has been issued.

Shipping costs, when requested, are charged to the customer and are explicitly highlighted at the time the order is placed. They are subject to possibile surcharges for special conditions (limited traffic areas, peripheral or difficult to reach areas). The payment of the goods by the Customer will be done using the method chosen when ordering. No additional fees or commission is due to SPORT SHOP s.n.c .
The goods are sent in packaging made directly by the manufacturer either in cardboard boxes, in cardboard boxes sealed with safety tape or in envelopes designed for shipping that are made with self-adhesive sealings, depending on the type of product shipped. Courier adhesive tape or other sealing materials are not used for any order.
Delivery times are indicative and are published in the appropriate table under the heading ‘Indicative delivery times’; they may be subject to change due to force majeure or due to traffic conditions, general traffic or by the act of an Authority. Standard delivery will take place at the following times: from 9.00 to 13.00; from 14.00 to 18.00, every day except holidays, from Monday to Friday. No responsibility can be imputed to SPORT SHOP s.n.c. in case of delay in the handling of an order or delivery of the ordered goods..
When the courier delivers the goods the customer is required to check:
1. that the number of packages delivered is that indicated on the delivery note or transport document (DDT);
2. that the packaging is intact, not damaged, wet or otherwise altered;
3. that no sealing materials other than those mentioned above have been used.
Any external damage or non-correspondence of the number of packages must be immediately notified to the courier making the delivery, with the text "collection with reserve for damaged package", or "collection with reserve for open package" or "collection with reserve for packages missing "on the appropriate accompanying document. It is also required to open an defect procedure at SPORT SHOP s.n.c., by sending an email to info@thevenicesportshop.com with the subject "I received a visibly damaged or tampered box" or "Some products I have ordered are missing".
Once the courier's document has been signed, the Customer can not make any objection regarding the external characteristics of the goods delivered.
Any damages or hidden defects must be reported to the Customer Service of SPORT SHOP s.n.c. through the opening of a defect procedure by email. The request must be submitted no later than 8 calendar days from when the goods were received.
Any notification beyond the aforesaid terms will not be taken into consideration. For each declaration, the Customer assumes full responsibility for what has been declared. 1. Delivery by express courier. The standard delivery will take place at the following times: from 9.00 to 13.00; from 14.00 to 18.00, every day except holidays, from Monday to Friday.
The courier makes the first delivery without prior notice. In the case of absence of the Customer, the courier leaves a notice and tries the delivery within the following 24 hours; in case of further absence, a notice is left again and the shipment is put in storage. 2. Redelivery by appointment:
In the case of redelivery by appointment, the courier makes a first delivery attempt. If this is not successful, the customer is contacted by telephone by the courier to fix a new delivery and the relative time slot (morning or afternoon).


From the moment of taking delivery of the shipment by the courier (collection of the shipment at the Logistics Center) the delivery will be made within 2 working days throughout Italy.

Shipment typeDelivery time
Shipment by standard courier (IT) 3 - 5 working days
Shipment by express courier (IT) 2 -3 working days
EU Standard Courier 5 - 7 working days
EU Express Courier 3 - 5 working days
International Standard Courier 10 - 15 working days
International Express Courier 7 - 10 working days


The cost of delivery is calculated automatically according to the destination of the products purchased, includes goods insurance, and includes the insurance of goods during transport and is clearly indicated when ordering. The indicated costs are considered valid for the whole Italian territory.