List of products by brand Hoka

Running and walking shoes

The History HOKA ONE ONE began in 2010 and its main mission was to offer more protection and more benefits to all riders.

In the mountains, and more precisely in Annecy in the French Alps of Haute-Savoie  was born the idea to design shoes that would allow athletes to run faster, safer and longer downhill.

The result? A range of road and trail running shoes, capable of performance and comfort unknown until now.

With HOKA, you'll feel like you're running on clouds.

Don't run, fly !

HOKA ONE ONE has understood from the beginning that the natural movement of the foot is extremely important for the uniformity of the stride.

HOKA ONE ONE offers a particular geometry of the sole that together with a "rocker shape" allows a "continuous movement" of the rolled foot, typical of the rocking chair, avoiding the famous "slap effect" typical of the driest footwear.

HOKA ONE ONE with its low 5 mm and 4 mm drops is a shoe for all runners, from joggers to the most advanced athletes who want to improve their performance in complete safety.