Our Story

The story begins with two passionate young athletes, Riccardo Agostini and Silvia Campagnaro. Their passion for running and commitment to helping others inspired an idea. Simply, create an athletic store that offers premium sportswear and a commitment to helping every athlete find the sportswear most suitable to their activities and best fitting to their needs.

On May 1st, 2014, their dream became a reality as they opened, The Venice Sport Shop, in Venice, Italy located near the streets of Ai Stagneri. Word spread quickly throughout Venice and soon, every sportsman in Venice knew that The Venice Sport Shop offered not only the best sportwear, but a community for every sportsman to feel included.

Their business continues to thrive as tourists from all over the world visit The Venice Sport each year. Just recently, they opened a new athletic store in Maerne di Martellago (Ve) called the Sport Shop of Maerne. Both locations offer their products to customers worldwide via their newly developed e-commerce website.  

Our Team

Agostini Riccardo

Owner and Manager

Marketing and management-Runner marathon runner, has participated in half marathons and marathons, and some international competition.

Graduated in Marketing and Business Management at the Ca 'Foscari in Venice, he has developed the network of partnerships and agreements that our company still maintains.

It is always active and proactive in its relationship with the surrounding territory.

Campagnaro Silvia

Owner and manager together with Riccardo Agostini, works since 2014 in the company and deals with accounting and social media.

Barin Gianna


Responsible for the accounting and supply management of the company. Over 50 years of management experience from managing the Agostini family company.

Alex Bodiu

Graphic designer

The new entry in the company, and immediately the most important resource.

Mainly present in the Venice sales point, a sunny and lively boy who likes being in contact with people.

Passionate about digital graphics and videomaking, amateur runner with the aim of participating in a marathon.

An indispensable figure for the company, he supports the company in managing e-commerce, takes care of contact with customers, and the company's online profiles.Knows English, Russian, Romanian.

Agostini Gianmarco


Responsible for the e-commerce platform and social media. Student attending the higher institute in Castelfranco.

Can speak English and Spanish.

Amateur Runner.


Emanuele Zoccarato

Degree in Science and Techniques of Preventive Motor Activity and Adapted at the University of Padua in 2017. Degree in Motor Sciences at the University of Padua in 2015.

Kinesiologist, expert in postural motor activity and prevention and management of chronic diseases. Teacher of motor education in kindergartens and elementary schools.

Athletics Trainer since 2014 and athlete from 2002 to 2010. Technical assistant at the shop for postural advice, running technique and personalized training tables. I provide my skills during events by offering technical advice.

Irene Vian

Hi, I’m Irene and I’m 21. I practice Track and Field since I was 10, my events are 800 and 1500 mt (2.07.04-4.26.99). In last years I collected a bunch of good resoults: in 2014 I won the U20 Italian Championship in 800mt, in 2015 I got eight in U20 European Chapionships in Sweden. In 2016 I left home and I moved to the USA, I went to USC in Columbia (SC) where I lived for five months as a Student-Athlete. Then, I moved back to Italy and in 2017 I got back to Italian Championships. This year I’m living my best season ever, I got four Silver medals in four events at Nationals (800/1500 indoor and outdoor).

In my carreer, today, I can count 11 podiums at Nationals and that’s not so bad.

In addiction to track I keep on studing: I’m attending the third year of Med School in Padova. My dream is combining my two passions, running and medicine, in order to promote and expand a better and healthier life style and cure many athletes who can have medical issues.