Running itinerary

The Venice Sport Shop recommends two separate guided tours – an evening throughout Venice and a tour around the island. To learn more, please review the following itineraries listed below:

  1. Casanova Itinerary
  2. Sant'erasmo Itinerary
  3. Murano Itinerary
  4. Itinerary Ponte Della Libertà-San Giuliano
  5. Historical Center Itinerary
  6. Sant'Elena Itinerary
  7. Lido Itinerary
  8. Burano Itinerary
  9. San Basilio Itinerary
  10. Accademia Itinerary

Please note, availability for each tour is limited based upon the season of the year.

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The Venice Sport Shop also recommends the best times of the day (depending on the seasons and tourist flows) when to go out for physical activity. For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

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