Collection and recycling of used footwear

Don’t know where to dispose of your used running shoes?

After using them for your physical activity and they become no longer being suitable for running ,and having been used as comfy daily footwear, there is a real possibility for a third life cycle for your shoes.

The possibility only arose and exists thanks to the volunteers who years ago founded the Gocce di Luce association (based in Cannaregio 96/d, 30100 Venice) which provides support and solidarity to the neediest among us. For years they have been collecting used but in good condition clothing and shoes to donate to those who need it the most.

Our shops in Venice’s historic center and Maerne fully support and collaborate with this charitable initiative!

"Our street work consists of evening outings near the of Venice and Mestre train stations, during which we distribute food, hot drinks, blankets, shoes and clothes.

Through dialog, listening and support, we propose pursuing an individual path towards overcoming the condition of marginality during these outings.

To further help the people we meet during the outings, we also accompany those who need access to medical services to the specialized centers of the territory and also carry out hospital assistance work".