Sports events in Venice

The Venice Sport Shop is now considered as a true local meeting point by all the athletes of Venice (something which also is perceived by tourists, who come to meet us and join our organized running groups):

  1. for weekly training
  2. for the organization of and collaboration in sports events in Venice and the surrounding islands,
  3. for events with product testing within the affiliated gyms of the historic center,
  4. even for a simple coffee break or for a post-race chat,
  5. over the years we are also becoming a more and more a constant reference to that which represents Venice and Venetians, even for tourists who like to spend their holidays, at certain times of the year, in our beautiful city.
  6. the shop is often and willingly frequented by gondoliers, both as customers but also just come and see us: they are also one of the symbols that make Venice even more unique.

Our shop also collaborates with all running  associations, first and foremost with the Running Club Venezia A.S.D, as well as with swimming, basketball and triathlon clubs and with CUS venice.

The shop also collaborates with the Running Club Venezia to organise the Santa Claus Run/Walk in Venice, which is now in its 5th year, donating the proceeds to AVAPO Venezia ONLUS and other charitable organizations.

Photos of our events