Static and Dynamic Postural Analysis

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First of all, we start with a complete postural analysis. In fact, there are different types of support for the sole of the foot.

Types of arch supports

Here below we present the most common and basic ones:

Tipologie di appoggio

Type of arch support, MEDIUM ARCH:

in this case (normal arch) we suggest a completely neutral shoes. Anyway, when runners are going to do long distances, we better suggest a light supported shoe.

In this case the insertion of a customized Boot Doc insole, it may be appropriate to improve the fit of the shoe, giving a better support.

Type of arch support, HIGH ARCH:

in this situation, the hollow of the foot is too high and the pressure points are concentrated on the heel and on forefoot.

The structure of the tendons is therefore shorter and puts under pressure the Achilles tendon and the calf muscles. With this type of support, the roll tends to go outwards.

The most common problems that usually happened to runners and walkers, having a hollow foot, are:

  • burning sensation in the foot;
  • pain points in the forefoot area;
  • pains in the Achilles tendon area.

As a prevention to these pains and a possible solution in these situations, the Boot Doc studies recommend the use of a soft material insole in the forefoot area and a cushioned one in the heel area.

This can be ensured by performance insoles, which are also performed, by copying and following the shape of the foot.

In this case an overload of the foot is avoided, helping the same to distribute the loads on the whole surface of the plant.

The insoles, previously heated, are subsequently placed on top of the bearings, designed and specifically made to create a situation of maximum unbalance. In this way all the postural defects are evidenced. The rigid resin parts of those insoles are performed, and they will be exactly adapted to the subject's feet, ensuring an optimal fit

Plantar arch type, low arch:

This third situation, leads to a lowering of the foot arch: the feet inclines towards the inside, while the heel makes a subsequent rotation, towards the outside.

Therefore dangerous movements of rotation are created in all the joints (hip, knee and tibio tarsal).

To obviate these postural problems, it is advisable to use, really supported shoes (to be evaluated whether for pronators or for light pronators), when the pronation degree is symmetrical between the two feet; to have a customized fitting, the best way is to Anyway, to perform your Boot Doc insoles, which help the arch support, following perfectly the line of the right and left foot.

Obviously, the second solution is personalized to the individual and will be truly unique.

In case the machine underlines for you the need for an additional support, depending on the height, we recommend the shoe that is already suitable for you or far away. Follow the perfect fit of the same, with the thermoforming of the running sole, which will be inserted into a shoe from neutral support.

Your ride is certainly more protected, avoiding and preventing bad posture and annoying pains in the area such as scaphoid, ankle, heel and toes.

Dynamic analysis Run Scribe

Furthermore, thanks to those sports insoles, there is also a delayed fatigue of the foot.

In addition to this type of data, by reservation, with a further dynamic analysis, by reservation, thanks to the sensors Run Scribe, which evaluate many other factors, such as:

  • Cadence
  • Contact time
  • Flight phase
  • Shock
  • Impact
  • Friction
  • Proning angle
  • Proning speed.

What's "RunScribe Footpod"?

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