List of products by brand Vibram Five Finger

The story of Vitale Bramani, founder of Vibram is very fascinating.

Passionate mountaineer born in 1900, he witnesses, at the age of 35, a serious accident where six hikers lose their lives. Among the reasons of this tragedy, the inadequacy of the shoes they used to reach the summit.

At the time, people used to climb with rope shoes that were worn, instead of the classic approached boots, when he reached the basis of the wall to climb.

From here the story of Vibram begins, a company born out of the idea of ​​Bramani himself (VI - Vitale BRAM - Bramani) that thanks to the collaboration with his friend Leopoldo Pirelli was able to realize the first vulcanized rubber sole placed on the market, with the design of the tassellation called “carrarmato” and marked Vibram, a sole that allowed excellent performance in terms of resistance to abrasion, traction, and grip, as well as climbing up to the 4th grade.

In 1937 Ettore Castiglioni and Vitale Bramani were the first to conquer the north-west face of Pizzo Badile, experimenting with Vibram soles together.

Vibram soles have always been sold and appreciated all over the world, with an improved and perfected technology from year to year. A family of visionaries that of the Brahmins, which reaches the pinnacle of creativity in 2000, when the first Five Fingers came onto the market.

These shoes with different models for running, trail running and functional training are ideal for those who want to approach the world of natural running.