One Shop, 1000 Services

Well yes … one shop, 1000 services: like a philosophy handed down for generations, The Venice Sport Shop presents multiple technologies, communication systems and the most innovative products while maintaining the tradition of being at the service of the sportsman at its core, as our slogan literally indicates:

Everything we do is to help you feel happy when playing your sport

In addition to our competent staff and internal and external collaborators who, with runners and athletes from all parts of the world, make excellent even the most banal and routine experiences of comparison and technical explanations of the best products on the market, is an infinity of other services on offer inside the shop that make our physical point of sale … MORE THAN JUST A SHOP!

We start from a choice of the latest technology in postural analysis, both in our shop located in Venice’s historic center and in our brand new shop in Via Rovigo in Maerne (Venice):

  1. Podoscope with instant feet view

  2. Made to measure sports insoles

  3. Sensors to evaluate your posture and many other indicators

  4. Staff graduated in Physical Education who know how to evaluated all the indicators detected

We then move to an evaluation of running style, the locations and conditions of runs and a double analysis of the consumption of past footwear, in order to find the most suitable shoe for the type of sport and athlete in question.

Our two physical shops are also a starting point for Running and Nordic Walking events, with changing facilities and bag storage available, and there is often post-training refreshments available.

Our staff and collaborators are also always available to give technical advice learned through experience.