Running Magazine Interview

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Our activity with the two technical sales points specialized in running, has become and is increasingly becoming a nationally and internationally known reality, for the central position,  expertness, the services offered and for the quality of products, often limited edition.

In the Running Magazine's copy number, 2 year 2019 there is a focus on our stores.

Some points of our work and some related curiosities have been deepened; here are the questions:

1) "In 2018 what was the store's sales performance?"

2) "How has the competition in online commerce been this year?"

3) "What initiatives do you propose to build customer loyalty / increase?"

4) "What steps will you take to improve the quality of your service or renew it?"

5) "The three best-selling brands in the road shoes category?"

6) "The three best-selling brands in the trail shoes category?"

7) "The three best-selling brands in the clothing category?"

8) "The three best-selling brands in the accessories category?"

9) "The three best-selling brands in the supplements category?"

10) "Brand revelation 2018?"

11) "Any other comments?"

Our answers are all in Italian language, because it is a national survey, but you can see which are the most sold brands in 2018/19.