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Salming Ispike, Woman

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Look for the maximum of technicality. quality and professionalism, even for the most difficult, icy, snowy, mixed terrain?

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This running shoe is definitely to be considered at the forefront of technology!

The parent company, based on the success of the already award-winning Salming T5 trail shoe, has decided to create the equivalent in the winter version, with decisive features that enhance the product even more.

The goal is that the Ispike makes the runner feel safe, especially when approaching with the icy or snowy surface, offering incredible terrain control.

To ensure maximum technicality, once again Salming running has collaborated with authoritative world authority, along with the company vibram, implementing the exchange of information and details between design and technology creating a winning Italian-Swedish duo !!!

Let's deepen the technical qualities of this shoe:

1) the upper is made of a light and resistant fabric with a soft mesh lining that keeps the foot warm, even at low temperatures. The outer part has a shell-shaped design, designed to avoid hosting snow or ice, which could then melt or cause uneasy situations.

Moreover, on the front tip there is a reinforced zone called "ice-shield", made of a resistant material and a further microfiber support.

The lacing is composed of an exoskeleton, completely integrated in the form of four straps per side that lock the foot downwards, creating a firm and secure fit.

2) The sole is unique in the category: made with pyramid nails and dowels strategically positioned to ensure the sole of cars clean, optimizing even the roll on all types of snowy terrain, from the softest and most fluffy to the most icy and unstable .

This shoe is also equipped with a Vibram Litebase technology, which, thanks to an incredible reduction of its own weight, is able to guarantee to those who use Salming Ispike the performance from formula 1 with a weight of only 270 grams (in measure 44) .

3) The material of the midsole is made of a new generation compound called Recoil, patented Salming Running, which absorbs the negative impacts and releases an excellent return rebound energy, concentrated in the forefoot area. This material, accompanied by the 62/75 technology typical of the Swedish house and a drop of 5 mm, help move the body's center of gravity forward, favoring the natural running technique !!!

Feel free to ask to our Staff for further details or informations!!!

Data sheet

Outdoor, Running on Ice or Snow
Light Blue
225 gr.
Drop Differenziale Offset
5 mm.