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Come and try at our technical stores, The Venice Sport Shop, Sport Shop Maerne, and now also available on-line, the brand new Glideride, the innovative Asics shoe, which allows you to run longer while consuming less energy.

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The brand new Asics Glideride is the shoe that saves you energy. 

The key to all this is the Guidesole technology present in the sole: The improved cushioning reduces the muscle load during the foot strike and this allows you to run longer with less effort.

In the midsole there are instead the Flytefoam technologies and the Gel reinforcement in the heel part, the two materials combined together guarantee reactivity and great cushioning.

The front of the shoe is stiff while the sole is dynamically curved, so it drastically increases running efficiency by limiting the movement of the ankle joint; this translates into a lower load on the other muscles and a great energy saving.

in short, this shoe has superior ability to absorb impacts in order to reduce fatigue and strain on the joints.

Furthermore, the rolling motion that these Asics GlideRide generates focuses on the fact that the model allows you to advance with every step and promotes an exceptional running experience.

The sole is also composed of the AHAR material, very resistant to abrasion which extends the life of the shoe.

The engineered mesh upper has an excellent fit. It adapts perfectly to the foot, which fits properly inside the shoe

They are shoes designed for athletes of all sizes, suitable for medium and long distances.

Have a look to our blog, made after different tests, by different kind of runners.

Data sheet

289 g.
Drop Differenziale Offset
5 mm.
Height from the heel
35 mm.
Height from the tip
30 mm.