RunScribe Foot Pod

What is "RunScribe Footpod"? It’s a very small electronic device that is applied to the heel or front laces, created by the manufacturer Run Scribe™, which collects various biomechanical metrics to evaluate your run.

It connects to an app on your mobile phone via Bluetooth, and once your run is complete the data is downloaded and you can easily create shareable reports.

Examples of reports

First example of a report

Below is a typical screenshot of a report. We can observe:

  • stride efficiency: defined by the part of the foot that makes contact with the ground and the degree of pronation;
  • shock: which is based on a mathematical formula of the friction (horizontal component) and the impact (vertical component);
  • the section of the foot that first makes contact with the ground and the degree of pronation;
  • right/left symmetry
  • distance, time, step count, average pace.

Second example of a report

Instead, this screen indicates the metric performance. In particular:

  • number of steps/minute
  • stride length
  • contact time with the ground
  • % flight ratio

Third example of a report

Above are details relating to Shock, such as impact and friction, and those that evaluate the quality of support and the angle and speed of pronation.

Why is the running efficiency between the two runners different?

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