Saucony EVERUN

Saucony EVERUN

The Everun is the new damping system, made of an exclusive material, the TPU, which provides more consistency than the eva and, compared to the latter, offers an energy return of 8 percentage points higher (from 75% to 83%).

With this Saucony technology you can also get a position closer to the sole of the foot, which ensures even more brilliance and responsiveness in the run. Another premium of the everun midsole is certainly the best impact dispersion and the significant reduction of pressure peaks.

Everun is also a innovative damping system that, over time, does not vary: it is 3 times more durable and less sensitive to temperatures, compared to Eva, with an objective optimal performance throughout the life cycle of this footwear (600-850 km at levels always performing).

The flexibility of the movement also benefits from this material, patented Saucony, which promotes more powerful take-off.

The performance line is made with an extra layer of Everun material, which is specially positioned under the footbed of the shoe and this technical difference that distinguishes the top of the range of the saucony line, you immediately feel the fit, thanks to comfort and responsiveness, amplified.

Technically, the fusion of thousands of TPU cells and especially the way in which the polymer is processed, together with the assembly of the shoe, make technology unique and suitable for all runners.

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