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Under armor Mega 2 Clone, will be the protagonist of this blog! Come and discover it and give us your feelings about one of the best products of the Under Armor house!

The Venice Sport Shop and Sport Shop Maerne offer this and many other brands in tests to bring anyone who likes the opportunity to know the product at its best, guaranteeing a first impact with a direct experience!

Very interesting and engaging experience that of Riva del Garda where, on the occasion of the Outdoor & Running Business days, the staff of The Venice Sport Shop had the opportunity to test a very performing and at the same time comfortable shoe right from the first session!

Under Armor Mega 2 Clone, the first fit is very comfortable especially thanks to a significantly enveloping upper, ensuring compactness but never a feeling of constriction!

The sole allows an important grip especially in the uphill situation and a quality amortization in the descent phase.

Running along the fantastic landscapes of Riva del Garda allowed us to understand the shoe and to interpret it in many running dynamics. On a straight, but especially as specified uphill and downhill. Very nice hold and the freedom conferred by the elasticity of the upper, turned out to be truly ideal and versatile in all movements and in all situations that arise.

Protective padding on the tendon, even the really comfortable one from the first sensations, also gave safety on the step and support in directional changes or in overload situations.

Personally, I immediately found a lot of lightness when wearing the shoe but the most beautiful sensation of all was that of the support that the shoe gives in all its components. During the race the posture conferred by the support is always inclined to the frontal dynamics, favoring both those who have support on the forefoot but also those who run with heel without any kind of problem.

Comparing also with the other participants in the race, it can be said for sure that despite the different running techniques of each individual runner, the shoe has found many appreciations, proving to be ideal and versatile even in the individual needs of each participant in the race.

Having run during a lucky sunny day, I can say for sure that on asphalt and during ideal weather conditions the shoe sustains both mild running phases but also a fairly sustained pace. Beautiful even in situations of light dry dirt but mostly comfortable on the pavement and road.

Very interesting both the race that offered the product and the context in which we were involved, with great availability and professionalism on the part of the Under Armour staff.

In conclusion it can be said that the shoe has completed a very pleasant exit giving us a really good running experience.

Steven Shehata

Staff The Venice Sport Shop.