Scarpe running Topo Athletic Phantom 2

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The running shoe for the amateur runner who wants to get serious, while continuing to have fun.

Running with Topo to get closer to Natural running!

With this idea I approached this shoe, actually the Topo Phantom 2 is an excellent choice to introduce this philosophy having a drop of 5 mm and excellent protection on the ankle.

I started using this shoe two months before the marathon, thus having the possibility to better metabolize it for the race. And I must say I couldn't make a better choice.

Let's start by saying that this shoe has been designed for long distances being able to give maximum protection. Running for fun without setting goals, I managed to enjoy them to the fullest. Thanks to its cushioning, it is a shoe that can be used every day for many kilometers.

Topo in Italy is not the classic brand you hear about (yet), but it has nothing to envy to other brands, not even at price levels mind you. In fact, the price is set at 180 euros, a price that is justified today for the range of activities on which it can afford to perform: from light and quiet running to structured competition.

The Phantom 2 is a neutral shoe and at the same time has elements that make it stable, a shoe suitable for everyone! Thanks also to the wider medial part, the fingers have the possibility to expand and to adequately approach the impact on the ground.

Upper: 8

Very enveloping and protective, with the TPU heel counter it offers a lot of safety to the runner.

Midsole: 9

Features Topo's signature Zip Foam compound. This technology allows stability and fluidity in the gait.

Outsole: 8.5

An ''increased'' sole which gives more space to the midsole consequently allows you to give more life to the shoe.

Total grade: 8.5

In summary, this is the shoe for those who want to approach Natural running in total safety, still being able to afford to run for many kilometres.