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Running is a free sport, which any amateur can approach, without time constraints, subscriptions, but only with the pure desire to have fun, keeping fit.

Running so it is good .... do it with the wrong tool can be counterproductive, however !!!

Without a doubt the main material tool to start jogging, walking or running in the park, but also to start preparing competitive / amateur races of 10, 21, 42,165 km, is represented by running shoes!

It is essential that the choice of correct footwear is weighed and recommended by a competent staff. Even better if the subject in question is also a runner / walker or in any case a sporting subject (the latter is a preferable but not indispensable condition ...).

  1. First of all a careful postural analysis is necessary to understand what kind of support the subject in question presents.
  2. The second assessment is related to the way in which the previous running shoe was worn, as is the postural analysis in dynamics, for example through the Run Scribe.
  3. Another consideration to do is related to the goals of running and the type of training that goes to play in a runner.
  4. The type of terrain on which most of it exists, will play a pivotal role in the necessary evaluation criterion.
  5. A careful analysis must also be made on the width of the sole and on the height of the neck: with all the new brands and the new sophisticated production and design technologies present in the present day, the range of options is so wide enough to be able to optimize the needs of many walkers and runners. Even those who present trouble, some problems or particular pains in the feet.
  6. It is useful then to decide, making suggestions from the experts of the sector, the racing philosophy that you want to follow: nowadays the evolution of the biomechanics studies in the technical field has led to the elaboration of different ideas of thought, which we can categorize into two strands, which are the CONTROLLED AND TRADITIONAL WAY TO RUN, and the innovative thinking that marries the NATURAL RUN. The most equipped technical stores, open to the needs of the runner public, offer a vast assortment for both types of travel settings.
  7. A final point on which to pay attention is also the measure of sports footwear for walking or running: it must be slightly larger or between the longest finger of the foot and the end of the tip of the shoe must advance about an inch of space. This allows full freedom of movement at the foot even when it swells with fatigue.

Without these considerations, I consider it to be appropriate and intelligent to rely on the advice of those who know exactly and try all kinds of footwear at all times, using interactive technologies. 

They are not able to interact with the runner, even by Skype or some technical trickle via Social communication, offering all the appropriate advice to make mistakes as little as possible even in online purchases.

Not only the price, in this area the technical advice and the ability to interact with competent staff, before, during and after the use of the running shoe, can be decisive for optimizing the choice.

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