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Asics Glideride, the shoe that saves you energy.... intrigued by this 'absolute' novelty, we tested them, and below we report our feedback:

I tested them for a couple of training. At the first fit, I immediately felt a very strange feeling, very rigid in the area of the mesofoot, never resting the heel on the ground.

Used to Saucony Freedom iso 2, the fit is totally different. During the first release I immediately grasped the essence : the more you go fast, the more they help you to go faster, and especially to feel less fatigue.

As soon as I started running the feeling of stiffness' has turned into cushioning and thrust forward; in fact, the shoe helps heelers like me to push the center of gravity forward, and, thanks to this rigidity' in the area of the midfoot, means that it almost never rests on the heel but mainly on the forefoot.

Basically we could say that the shoes are reactive, fast but at the same time very cushioned .

In my opinion they are suitable for medium or  advanced runners, or for those looking for an alternative with a low drop (5 mm.) For fast training or when you want to drastically increase the pace.

In general, when you go slowly they lose their essence, as they tend to push your center of gravity forward, and consequently to increase your speed.

When, on the other hand, you want to increase the pace, the Asics GlideRide helps you with it ....they let you feel less tired, using less energy "

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