North Pole Marathon

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But have you ever wondered what are the most spectacular routes offered by the Maratone panorama?

After a little research done among the books, I discover that in April of every year the North Pole Marathon takes place, with decidedly prohibitive costs, for an experience to say the least epic, I would say!

I report only some of the most curious data, which amazed me:

Average number of participants: about 40 members.

Registration fee: from 11,900 euros, to go up !!!

The average temperature in that period is about -25 ° / 15 ° but could "rise" up to -10 °.

It runs in a layer of ice often from 2 to 4 meters, in continuous movement, through the Arctic region.

The distance traveled on the surface of the planet earth is different from the official one, crossed with the legs: the ice plate on which it runs is enormous and can move almost 1 km. then!!!

The usual "energy bar" can not obviously be consumed at these temperatures, as it freezes; if kept in a pocket inside the dried fruit bars you can chew more easily!

The duration of the stop on the island of Spitsbergen can be unpredictable and this is related to technical problems related to the preparation of the landing and take-off runways, which are not always easy to solve.

At the North Pole only Polar Bears (which are part of nature itself) can disturb the symbiosis between the experience of the race and the fantastic nature of the environment and the surrounding landscape !!!

For those interested, the organizer has founded an agency, whose name is explicit: Polar Running Adventures ".