Running Shoes Saucony Freedom Iso 2

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Brand Saucony Model Freedom Iso 2

Saucony Freedom Iso 2 model.

I wanted to try this brand, used to running with Brooks, because I was intrigued by the drop of only 4 mm., Because, tending to heel both in running and walking, I wanted to try a shoe that moved me the center of gravity forward for a longer run natural.

I have to say it is just as they describe it, cushioned and responsive.

Already from the first training I immediately understand that I made the right choice, comfortable and very soft, they give a feeling of lightness unique in its kind, I traveled 15 km, mainly on the asphalt, but also a few km in the dirt road and I must say that they respond to the great in both situations. At the end of the workout zero pain in the knees and joints.

Midsole rating: 9

The heel / toe differential of 4 mm. it makes itself felt only in a positive way, moving the center of gravity forward I was able to try to push myself for the first time at a distance of 22 km and I must say that at the end I did not feel any pain in the joints, and it was a pleasant surprise. The only negative note about the sole, in the wet there is actually little grip.

Sole rating: 8,5

Having a wide plant with the iso 2 freedom I am having a great time, the isofit technology makes the shoe take the shape of my foot, moreover, it is light and breathable, it seems to run barefoot.

Upper rating: 9.5

Average rating: 9

After wearing the shoes, when they are no longer usable even for walking, do not throw them away ... we are working to make our contribution for a better world .... let's recycle them !!!