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Brooks Levitate, maximum energy return, suitable for all types of runners

The Levitate 2 model of the Brooks brand immediately intrigued me for this sock shape but above all for this innovative DNA AMP technology, which should guarantee an excellent return of energy. After the first exit I have to say that the AMP DNA is felt, in addition to the energy return there is also a great cushioning, being an amateur runner, with the levitates I have not experienced any type of pain in the joints, but the feeling is that of a maximum perceived propulsion.

As soon as the pace accelerates the shoe responds immediately, very responsive, it even helped me improve my times.


Personally, I consider the sock upper to be a plus.I have a large plant, so I was very skeptical initially, instead I must say that it wraps the foot very well and immediately gives a feeling of comfort and great protection. In a nutshell elastic and extensible and I must say that they make me stretch my fingers very well


The shoe, being designed for maximum energy return, therefore very reactive and flexible, I must say that the grip of the sole in the wet is not the best, both in running and walking.



After wearing the shoes, when they are no longer usable even for walking, do not throw them away ... we are working to make our contribution for a better world .... let's recycle them !!!