Bv Sport Compression Selective Expirience Evo, Unisex


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The Multisport XLR EVO by BV SPORT, compression stocking combines compression in the CALF with an ultra-technical fit that incorporates the Y-SPORT system, designed to protect nerves and tendons.

Compression adapted to the calf, improves venous return, promotes muscle oxygenation, tendons and ligaments optimizing your performance.

The reinforced processing at the calf and up to the Achilles tendon improves muscle retention, reduces oscillatory movements and vibrations that cause fatigue and muscle injuries.

Other features are the PROTECT + which reinforces the closure area of the shoe, the AREO TIBIAL WINDOWS which protects the sensitive pre-tibial structures thanks to the lightness of the mesh.

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Running, Fitness, Nordic Walking, Trail Running, Triathlon, Cross Country
Black-Green, Black-Yellow, Black-Blue