BV Sport Booster Elite Evo 2 Unisex


The new BV Elite Evo 2 is now available in our stores! Discover the innovative characteristics of this product in our shops of Maerne and Venice or in the online shops.

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The new Booster Elite Evo 2 has been designed using several types of mesh to exert specific pressure on the calf and ankle.  This new generation manufacturing technique improves venous flow and ensures optimal dampening of muscle vibration and oscillation.

Regular use of this product delays the onset of heavy legs, increases the threshold for fatigue, reduces the risk of curvature, considerably lowers the risk of injury and muscle damage and prepares the body for recovery from the outset.

The calf support accelerates the elimination of toxins and dampens muscle vibration and oscillation. The 3d socket mesh reduces the risk of Achilles' tendon inflammation.

Visit our stores in Venice and Maerne or contact us. Our staff will happy to explain you all the new features of this innovative product.

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