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Stop the negative vibes !!!

At the specialized technical stores of Venice and Maerne, you can find a complete assortment of items in the Noene range, A-class medical device.

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Our staff, is a great user of all models, the Noene technology, which has become a must-have product for runners, walkers and even for the Venetian population!

The sub-insoles are in fact excellent and adaptable in any type of shoe and sport.

With a weight of only 13 grams, they are imperceptible: the only thing that at the end of the day and at the end of training / competition, you can pick up is its incomparable shock reduction properties.

They are visually and effectively and ultra-thin and represent the maximum expression of the Noene technology.

Another reason for which they are appreciated by triathletes, athletes, runners, footballers and walkers is the fact does not alter in any way the conditions of the foot in the shoe.

Data sheet

Running, Triathlon, Fitness, Daily use
Height from the heel
1 mm.
Height from the tip
1 mm,
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