Bv Sport Booster One Unisex


Are you looking for the highest quality certified by Bv Sport, also for medical-sports use, for gradual compression articles?

By visiting the technical shops in the historic center of Venice and in Via Roviego in Maerne di Martellago, or asking for advice through social or watsapp channels, you will find a competent staff able to always direct you towards the best sports product, suited to your needs .

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By choice of professionalism we have chosen to offer only the best to friends who run and practice sports, choosing the competence and products personally tested by the Staff of The Venice Sport Shop.

So here we present the Booster One, the top product of the line of compression leggings, marked and guaranteed by Bv Sport.

The compression is highly selective and patented by Bv Sport and has been designed for use during sports activities, where the effort is more intense, for a quick and effective elimination of toxins.

These products cause an improvement in performance and a reduction in the risk of accidents, as first concrete effects.

The leggings of the Bv Sport, especially the One model, are the result of 2 years of research, of 5 years of scientific and technical innovations to make an accessory, which is condensed into 25 grams of new generation fabric. It is a product of French origin and manufacture, also tested with the staff of the French national athletics team (4x100 mt. )

Other concrete effects, appreciated by users:

improvement of muscle tightness;

reduction of oscillatory movements and vibrations, which are often the main causes of fatigue and injuries;

optimizes the performance of the calf muscles, even in situations of maximum effort.

improves blood microcirculation and positively affects performance

contains, protecting it, the Achilles tendon;

improves the tone of the calf stabilizing muscles;

 These products are made entirely of antibacterial, anti-UV fiber.

Of these products, patented and recognized as a medical device, there are 10 different sizes: to be more secure at the time of purchase, you can ask for information, contacting our competent staff, always available to give you all the personalized advice to you and your sport activity.

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