Epitact Ginocchiera Epithelium Flex Unisex


At our technical store located in the historic center of Venice and at Maerne di Martellago, you can find a wide range of technical accessories, for every need, of the Epitact Sport brand. Epitact Sport.

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The technical knee branded Epitact Sport has been specially designed for sports such as trekking, running, cross-country skiing and cycling.

It can be used both to relieve the knee, but also in prevention, during the everyday life (in a city like Venice it is very useful also to face a bridge or the high stairs of the house).

In fact this product offers and guarantees:

stabilizing action: the patented silicone support rod, combined with high-performance compression fabric, improves patellar support and stability of the gionocchio.

a preventive action: this knee brace avoids the fear of feeling pain again or of feeling the ceding of the knee. The safety of the brittle knee allows not to transfer the mechanical stresses on the other knee, preventing the injuries.

Without Immobilizing, the toggle acts in a dynamic phase accompanying the movements.

The product is much appreciated and used as it does not slip and does not cause any discomfort behind the knee, at the height of the popliteal cable.

Another very important feature that embellishes this brace is the fact of being ultra light, with a weight of less than 60 gr. ; it is also made of a very thin fabric: this allows it to be used under any garment.

This product is washable at a recommended temperature of 40 ° C, preferably by hand.

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Running, Walking, Fitness
8% Silicone , 92% Elastan