Compex Ayre Compression Boots, Unisex


Compex was born in 1986 in Geneva and has since been a world leader in the production of muscle stimulators to help improve performance and recovery of athletes all over the world.

Clinical tests recognize the effectiveness of Compex devices in terms of physical preparation, muscle recovery, injury prevention and pain relief in sport and fitness.

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Compex Ayre compression boots, designed for therapists, trainers, elite athletes or amateurs, are able to offer relief anywhere and anytime to all athletes.

Ayre is a therapeutic device that uses intermittent pneumatic compression, developed up to 120 mmHg. Pneumatic compression promotes rapid muscle recovery, helps improve blood circulation and promotes the disposal of lactate and other toxins.

The device is particularly suitable for aching or tense muscles, pain and swelling.

With a single charge, thanks to the lithium-ion batteries, you can enjoy recovery for up to 3 hours.

Ayre is portable and it is not necessary to connect it to an electrical outlet during compression, the integrated controls avoid the clutter of a separate unit with cables.

There are 4 distinct compression chambers which can be inflated separately or simultaneously.

The premium quality linings of these boots are easy to clean and help control odors.

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