Oxyburn Forty-two, Unisex


At the specialized technical stores for sports at a performance level, located in the historic center of Venice, in the center of Maerne and now also directly to your house, thanks to the new e-shop service, you can always find a good range of compression items, branded Oxyburn.

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This technical light graduation compression t-shirt, is carefully constructed to alleviate the conditions of fatigue, favoring the circulatory flow resulting in attenuation of any swellings and tingling.

It is a very specific product for athletes, as it also increases tonicity, reducing muscle vibrations.

The graduated compression, light, is obtained from the structure of the fabric, made with a pressure that works at decreasing values from the extremities of the body, towards the heart.

Highly recommended product for the gym, for running especially spring and summer, for the activities of Venetian rowing, kayaking, trail running and outdoor sports.

Data sheet

Running, Trail Running
58% Polyester, 36% Polypropylene, 6% Elastane