List of products by brand Altra Running

Natural Running.

Altra Running is an American company born from the need of an athlete to run with shoes that minimized problems due to stress on the joints during the race.

The "natural" running, almost barefoot, adopted by Altra Running, presents opposing approaches.

On the one hand, the essential and very light shoes with a differential always equal to zero but with very little space between the sole of the foot and the ground.

On the other side, shoes that seem enormous and very heavy with a high ground clearance and very high damping power, but always with a drop that equals zero.

In both cases, the shape of the shoe follows that of the foot, with the tip wider than the heel: this allows the toes to open during support (try to run barefoot and you will immediately understand what your fingers are for and the socks with your fingers!).

To move from a traditional approach with high offsets to a natural run, it is necessary to be advised by competent staff.